I love it – so creative! I’ve seen Articulate in action before, but this is by far the best example I’ve seen – well done!

— Karen Ludwig

That was the best I have ever seen! Great job!! I loved the cartoon feel.

— Dory L. Morris

That demo was brilliant! The whole production had a sort of marvel comic book feel to it. I loved it!

— Andrew Somiah

eLearning Scenario - Broken Co-worker

First, we want to say THANK YOU for checking out our elearning demo, Broken Co-worker.

We’re thrilled at how many people have written us, enthusiastic about their new-found passion for elearning, and about the results that they see by applying the design principles and methods displayed in the demo.

In fact, we’ve received messages that Broken Co-worker has inspired campaigns to start scenario-based elearning within Learning & Development departments.

We’re 100% certain that you can make spectacular elearning too, and to make sure that you get there, on Broken Co-worker’s 3rd Anniversary we created this special website.

We share three updated and brand new demos, and the step-by-step design thinking behind them.

The most common reason that people don’t build innovative elearning is a lack of innovative examples, and the proof of their success. We don’t want this to happen to you. We want the elearning industry to push boundaries, develop a new attitude–not be mediocre.

Our elearning demo is validated.

What we mean by this is, elearning can and should be different than the point-and-click slide show. And now, you have something different to point to (and articles to support you).

The articles in this website build on your experience of the Broken Co-worker demo. Even if you’ve already built elearning, or are a learning professional, we suggest you quickly read through this website and see if there’s anything that you’d like to incorporate.

So, are you ready to design elearning that engages and inspires?


Let’s get started!

Anna & Ryan

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P.P.S. If you have any questions or run into any problems going through or loading a demo, shoot Ryan an email and he’ll do his best to help! His email is ryan@elearnerengaged.com.